What We Do

In India and around the globe, Being Heart Foundation is on the ground – consistently and in the midst of emergency. Our spearheading programs address kids' special requirements, giving them a sound beginning, the occasion to take in and security from hurt. At the point when emergency strikes, we are consistently among the first to react and the last to leave. We are candid heroes for youngsters, guaranteeing their voices are heard and their issues are given first concern. Drawing on a hundred years of driving aptitude, we take on the hardest difficulties confronting the hardest-to-arrive at youngsters – particularly those unjustifiably avoided from the world's advancement.


Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education always beats the beauty and the youth." Education is so rudimentary that it itself becomes an identity of an individual. It is always a much talked topic and people have debated over years of how to clinch to almost perfection; nevertheless, we outstretch a generation where there are diverse forms of education. Education gives a vision of hope for a better world.


We in the urban areas are always seeking better facilities; imagine the plight of the people in rural areas. Is this the GDP measured economic growth that we are so aggressively promoting. If this trend continues, it would challenge democracy as a system of governance and shake the foundations of our constitution. We are constantly aspiring for a better quality of life, but the unforgiving reality in rural India is that most adults working in agricultural fields are chronically starved, a significant % of children are permanently stunted from undernutrition, one out of ten babies do not make it past the first year of their life. Many children in rural areas leave school year-on-year because of an illness in the family and they have to work to add to the families income. This cost of hospitalization places the affected families below the poverty line.

Woman Empowerment

The empowerment & autonomy of women and the enhancement of their social, health, political, and economic conditions is an extremely vital end in itself. It is the framework for the achievement of sustainable development. The power equations that obstruct women’s realization of healthy and fulfilling lives function across different levels of society, from very personal to the highly public. Accomplishing transformation needs policy and programme initiatives that would enhance women’s access to secure livelihoods & economic resources, lessen their extreme responsibilities with regard to housework, eradicate legal obstacles to their participation in public life, and increase social awareness through effective programmes of education and mass communication. Women’s empowerment reflects visionary leadership, customer engagement, regional ownership, and considerations for spreading benefits into communities. Therefore, a holistic, integrated and strategic approach through a partnership between Aahwahan and your organization would act as a catalyst for women’s empowerment.


To honor our commitments, we have made giving back to Mother Nature an inseparable motive and driving force of our work. Thus, comes in the tree plantation drives. We encourage planting trees in all geographical areas we operate upon. Our obligation to look after out Mother Nature makes Tree Plantation drives one of the much awaited events in our organization. Every individual, associated with Being Heart strongly believes that planting a tree is as pious as giving life; if not more.


4 in 10 children are not able to reach their full human potential due to hunger. Through this program, we aim to ensure that every child has access to proper food so they can grow to become healthy independent individuals. We prioritize helping children in non - government schools and incentivise education through daily meals.
Being Heart Foundation serves free, but wholesome, food to families of underprivileged patients in the Govt. Hospital and also for the children who come from far-off places to the Delhi hospitals for often longer treatments.
Currently, Being Heart Foundation serves nutritious meals to 1,35,612 young children between the ages of 3-6 years at 5,928 Anganwadi centres in ten locations of four states of India. It also provides nutritious food to more than 3,660 pregnant and lactating mothers across 323 centres in Delhi. By doing so, Being Heart Foundation wants to ensure access to right nutrition in sufficient quantity during the crucial stages of children, expecting and lactating mothers.